“History in the age of Reformasi” by Joss Wibisono

Written for panel discussion “Pluralisation of Narratives on the history of Indonesian Independence”, Leiden June 19, 2010. Applauding the advent of Reformasi, prominent historian the late Onghokham noted that Indonesia started a rage of historical revisionism, unprecedented in its post-colonial age. Of course it all started with the events around 1965 and Soeharto’s actual role in it. Yet, despite a lot of revelations, his role is still shrouded with mysteries. And so the investigation of Soeharto went further than 1965. It also reached his role in Indonesia’s colonial war, namely his conduct during the March 1st 1949 attack on Yogyakarta … Lanjutkan membaca “History in the age of Reformasi” by Joss Wibisono